Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My newest obsession... INGLOT!

I've known about INGLOT for some time now, but never really paid them any mind. Sure, I got a gloss or two from them in the past, but when I went to IMATS in NYC I couldn't pass up a moment to try their products as they were offering 30% off. I ended up purchasing a 10 palette eyeshadow for about $36, as opposed to their usual pricing of $50.

A few days later, I decided to pop by the INGLOT store in Times Square to see exactly what I was missing as the counter at the IMATS was a complete zoo! Here are some swatches of colors that interested me. You'll notice that some of the shades I swatched are already in the palette above. I did it in order to organize my color groupings. Just a tip: don't pay attention to the letters if you're confused if the number comes in a "P," "AS," or "M." It just refers to the finish (i.e. pearl, matte, etc). The number is the more important one to focus on because the number alone will refer to the color. For example, they won't have both a "70A" and a "70M."


I am definitely in love with Inglot too after IMATS. Can't wait to see them at The Makeup Show. Great swatches!

thank you for taking the time to do the swatches!! It is very helpful!

You are soooo welcome. Funny enough, I stated in my video that I was going to swatch my haul, but it turns out that I bought pretty much everything that you saw swatched with the exception of 2 shadows and 2 lipsticks. I'm not home now, but will update which shades didn't make it home because they were out of it.

I hope to photograph both Power of Matte 40 eyeshadow palettes so you all can see what they look like.


it's so nice to know that Inglot is getting so popular all over the world. but also sad that not many people knows that it's polish trade!!! great blog, it's a pleasure to read it!!!

Hey Youzycka! I know it's Polish! Actually, I want to come and visit Poland and check out what other goodies you guys may be hiding from us! ;-) Thanks for checking out my blog!


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